I have 3 simple questions for you today.

First, grab a piece of paper (or use the back of your grocery store receipt) and the closest pen you can find. Then answer these 3 questions with as much brutal honesty as possible.

No one is peeking over your shoulder or waiting to grade your answers; be completely true to yourself.

Question 1: What parts of your business do you love doing?

This should be an easy one! Is it the number crunching? Organising paperwork? Meeting new clients?

Question 2: What parts of your business do you hate doing?

This could be trickier for some of us. Is there a part of your business that you just dread? Something you absolutely hate doing? Perhaps it’s the marketing that you hate because you feel uncomfortable about self-promotion and get awkward at networking functions and events.

Question 3: What do you have within YOU that could really contribute to and enhance your business?

For example, do you have a real passion for the bookkeeping software that you use? A passion that could perhaps be put to good use in teaching business owners how to use it to do their own day-to-day bookkeeping?

If you’ve given these questions enough thought and answered them truthfully, you’re on the right track to begin transforming your business into one that you will love working at every day. That’s the power of finding your genius zone.

You need to find your genius zone because you can then better understand what motivates you and then figure out what needs to change in your life and business. It will help you focus on aspects of your business that resonates most with you and delegate the parts that you don’t enjoy or are not best at.

Your business’ success relies (almost) solely on your ability to maximise your time and skills, as well as your employees’. If you know that you’re best at selling and closing new client contracts, don’t waste your time on that new website you know you need. Delegate that to someone who can get it done better and in half the time.

Once you understand what is truly within you that you know can enhance your business, you can take it to brand new heights. Using the example above in question 3, if you felt you could teach business owners how to use your favourite software, that would open up a new source of revenue and a whole new market for your business. We know how important professional bookkeepers are, but the truth is many small businesses simply cannot afford the associated costs. So this service could be far more appealing to them, at least in the short term. And guess who they would go to when they eventually grow to be able to afford a proper bookkeeping service? Win-win!

Our genius zone is hidden under layers and layers of your needs, wants, likes, dislikes, goals, etc. That all makes up our unique personality which then puts us in a unique position to give our businesses a special edge. We don’t need to focus on how to compete with other bookkeeping business. We just need to focus on ourselves and what we can bring to the table that makes full use of your natural personality and skills.

We go into further depth and details on this topic in Module 1 of Bookkeeping Business Mastery, where we explore your genius zone, how it should impact your business model, and how that can help you create your ideal business and lifestyle. Click here to find out more about Bookkeeping Business Mastery!