Every small business is different and every small business owner needs to make certain decisions about how they are going to run their business. In this blog we look at the physical space of your business. Do you need to make a decision whether you need to move out of the home office and lease some space or purchase a building or set up your office professionally at home?

It’s a big decision to move out of the home office. It took me a very long time to make that decision. I talked to other business owners. I researched for available offices for months, I wanted to ensure I was comfortable with the area, the space I needed and the costs involved.

I decided the best solution for me was to find an office and I was fortunate to have another business owner that also wanted to move out of the home office so I could sublet a section of the office and reduce costs. Subletting some space was the most ideal situation, because you knew that the other person was growing their business like you. Eventually they would need more space and move on as well, hopefully at the same time as you grow your business and you need that space.

It just lends to being more professional and businesslike. Once you’ve moved into an office I believe it also attracts more clients. You’ve got a presence in a street with a sign up, so the public (potential clients) are aware of you.

In my case I was lucky to have a sign on a door in a main street with a pedestrian crossing right next to it, so I had a lot of people passing by and seeing it. A high percentage of my new clients were from walk-ins. They had noticed my signage and dropped in to see how I could assist them.

I got a lot of excellent and local clients from walk-ins. I became a solution to their problem as I was just up the road or on their way to work.

There are some bookkeepers that don’t want to move from home and that is perfectly fine. They have a well set up situation that works for them. I personally found I had a new enthusiasm and a very different mindset to my business once I moved out. It became more professional and with less “home” distractions I had the ability to focus on what I saw was the potential of growing a successful business with staff. This would allow me to do the work that I enjoyed and delegate the work that needed to be done such as compliance work, but still control and oversee my staff. This allowed me to separate my work from home, so I could leave work at the office and walk away from it at 5.30pm.

Have you been asking yourself the question? When is it time to move to out of the home office? Are you thinking it’s time to give yourself the opportunity to grow? What’s holding you back?



Katrina Aarsman (BAcc) built a successful bookkeeping business over 15 years and sold in 2015. She now focuses her energies in helping other business owners grow their bookkeeping business with an emphasis on automation. Katrina offers customised mentoring programs, strategy sessions and webinars. She would love to connect with bookkeepers with a desire to grow.

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