Do you know what the key to maximising your earnings as a bookkeeper is? Tools. Useful tools that simplify your job and improve your processes so you can do more in less time and thus increase your revenue!

Today I’m sharing five simple efficiency tips to give your bookkeeping business a boost:

1. Amortisation calculator – Super helpful for when your clients purchase capital assets on financing and all they can provide you are invoices and lease details, not the amortisation schedule that you need. This calculator is free to use, regularly updated, and helps you to create schedules as and when you need them.

2. Australian GST Handbook from Thomson Reuters – Although Google is handy when you need to clarify something, we all know you can’t always trust everything you find on the Internet. Plus some of us are just “old school”, and nothing beats having an up-to-date reference book to look up answers to our GST-related questions. This GST Handbook is a handy resource, it’s not expensive, and you only need to purchase a new one perhaps once every two years or so, when Thomson Reuters publish new editions with newer information.

3. Standard templates for regular documents – Create templates for frequently used documents that can then be easily customised for individual clients when needed. Templates such as the client onboarding templates I created will help immensely with your efficiencies.

4. Adobe Echosign or Hellosign –  Are you tired of sending PDF documents to your clients via email, waiting for them to print and sign, then for them to scan and email it back to you? With these electronic signature tools that are secure and convenient, that will become a thing of the past! Clients will be able to receive, sign, and return documents to you via available mobile apps almost instantly. Bonus: a paperless office!

5. Pomodoro Technique – This is a simple productivity hack that helps you focus on one task at a time to increase your working efficiency. Watch this video for a quick breakdown of what it’s all about, and this article gives you a complete picture of how to get started, along with online timers and tools that can help you along the way. With the EOFY peak period upon us, this would be invaluable in ensuring that we get it all done without (too much) distractions and procrastination.

The end-of-financial-year period may be a stressful time for us all as bookkeepers, but I hope these few tips and tricks make things a little smoother and less stressful for you! Do you have any other tips to share?



Katrina Aarsman (BAcc) built a successful bookkeeping business over 15 years and sold in 2015. She now focuses her energies on helping other business owners grow their bookkeeping business with an emphasis on automation. Katrina offers customised mentoring programs, strategy sessions, and webinars. She would love to connect with bookkeepers with a desire to grow.

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