You may feel isolated and curious how you are travelling compared to other bookkeepers. Would you like a buddy? We hear a lot of impressive results on Facebook and some hard luck stories too.

Facebook is awesome for staying connected with our friends and colleagues – but they are only words, easily written and posted.

Do you miss connecting with people real-time? 

Having that opportunity to look someone in the eye and having the banter between colleagues. You know what it is like when bookkeepers get together. We can talk for hours and feel so comfortable with the content we discuss.

Sometimes, do you feel you are not keeping up with what is going on in the industry? And just wish someone would give you a summary of what’s working and what’s not?

Due to our friend cloud accounting, we can feel so alone in the business now more than ever. It has become increasingly important to make sure we connect with colleagues. Then stay in touch with what is going on within the industry.

Recently I visited a Bookkeepers’ Mastermind group – and what a pleasure it was. A group of bookkeepers meeting around a table (they prefer a physical get together). With a drink of choice (mine was champagne – well it was 5pm!!).

During the meeting I realised there are many benefits that each of those attendees got out of their monthly meeting. Firstly, on a feel-good level

  • Connections and friendships are developed
  • caret-right
    Acceptance for each other in however they wish to run their respective businesses 
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    Recognition of achievements during the month and congratulating each other 
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    Mentoring of each other whether new to the industry or just in need of support at that time 
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    Feeling good about helping others – I believe a lot of confidence comes from helping others

Secondly at a more practical level

  • Referring of clients to trusted colleagues of software they don’t dabble in
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    Trust in handing over clients while another is on annual leave
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    Referring clients to others if they do not have the capacity to do the work right now
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    Sharing of knowledge around software and apps
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    Learning about what’s going on in the industry from events, professional development, what to avoid, different experiences & attributes of differing softwares and apps

The list goes on regarding the benefits of connecting with like minded people. 

There is a lot of chatter out there. Imagine connecting and forging trusted relationships with a group that will always have your back. People who always support you and offer knowledge and respect because you are no longer a faceless entity.

It really doesn’t matter if it is at an Industry event or a bookkeeping association meeting, such as ABN coffee clubs or ICB Networking meetings. However, I do urge you to get out and meet with colleagues. Why not be within your own community of strong supporters such as your chosen association?

Reach out and find where your closest group is.

Be seen, be present, be relevant and I guarantee you will benefit from the experience.