Is Sales a dirty word?

What do you think of when you think about selling?

  • The Real Estate agent’s phone calls bargaining and threatening you will lose the house of your dreams
  • The Car Salesman with their clever words and numbers to manipulate you and the deal in their favour
  • The dress shop assistant welcoming you and asking are you looking for something in particular
  • The electricity supplier salesperson intruding on your personal time to demand to see your current prices

Do you think to yourself - I don’t want to be that pushy or become desperate to sell my services? I want to present my services in a nice simple package that they want to buy without hearing myself say things I don’t really feel or know. 

Well sales and selling are just words. Words that we choose to associate with bad behaviours and uncomfortable feelings.  It does not need to be the truth.  It does not need to be your truth.

Imagine, instead of telling a prospective new client about your services and prices, that you tell them how you can help them. How you can bring relief and how you can improve their day.

Let’s break it down

  • How many clients do you have that love what you do and how you have helped them
  • Where would your clients be if you (or another bookkeeper) didn’t do what you do for them
  • How would your client feel if they had to do the reconciling and lodging themselves
  • How does your clients’ partner feel when they have time at night or on the weekends to spend with their family.

We are not selling them something they do not want.  It is not a scam.  It is not an unnecessary service we provide.  We offer an excellent service that they need right now. We give good value and great customer service. We care about them and what we do.

How can selling our service be associated with a bad feeling. A guilty feeling.

Selling isn’t a dirty word. It is giving our knowledge, expertise and experience to another person’s business for a fair exchange.  We know what our clients need, and we know how to provide it.  Meeting a prospect is an opportunity to share our passion, our skill, our chosen career with business owners that need our service. 

Next time you meet with a prospect think about what this service will mean to the client and not the dollar value.

If you would like some assistance in building confidence around your selling technique book a time with me to see how I can assist you.