I spent some time recently going through my office, in particular my old papers re my bookkeeping business’ planning, thoughts on possible growth and action steps on how to achieve my potential.

It was quite a joy for me to read these notes about my goals and dreams for my business and realising how far I have come both personally and professionally.

The notes reminded me of how long these goals took to achieve. I seemed to repeat my struggles I experienced with managing the workflow (or not managing the workflow) within the goals that I set myself over and over again. I know it took years really to perfect my procedures around how to manage staff and to implement WorkflowMax.

But at the same time I did it. My goals kept me moving forward and inch by inch I succeeded.

Going over these notebooks reinforced that this journey is not rocket science but instead a process. A process that can step you through what needs to be done for your business and identifies where you want to go. It will most definitely come with personal growth, so do not be afraid of reaching out of your comfort zone to embrace this process.

Have you ever gone through old notebooks and found your past thoughts & plans for the future?

Reviewing the past exercise is something that can assist us plan for the future in a more realistic and practical way. I showed how to use a Reviewing the Past document in the Planning webinar I did recently. If you missed the webinar you can access the recording here.

By reviewing the past we can identify what we have achieved, what was not fully completed and highlights what is not working so that we can plan to improve on these processes in future planning.

In this exercise, I think it is also important to consider the successes you have achieved over the past, recognise your progress and celebrate these wins. Feel free to add your achievements of your past 3 months here.

To Wrap It Up

So grab a cuppa or a glass of wine and review how far you have really come over the past year or even 90 days – you may be surprised. And if you need assistance in any part of your business book a complimentary chat to see how I can assist you.