Recorded Webinar –
Let’s Talk Fixed Fees and Value Pricing

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Have you considered using moving towards Fixed Fees and Value Pricing?

Learn how two other bookkeeping business owners dealt with this in their businesses.

This recorded webinar is for you if you are asking yourself these questions:

What is the difference between Fixed and Value Pricing?

What are my options to introduce these pricing methods?

How do I ensure my business won’t lose money moving towards this way of pricing?

How do I start?

Product Description

Presented by Katrina Aarsman and Don Grgic (Business Boost Centre)

In this recorded webinar, Katrina and Don will discuss the four things you should consider when implementing Fixed Fees:

  • Concept of Fixed & Value Pricing and Why to do it
  • Options
  • Scoping the work
  • How to get started

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Let’s Talk Fixed Fees and Value Pricing”