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On-Boarding New Clients

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When meeting a new client have you ever thought to yourself?

  • What information do I need
  • If only I had a template to capture the same information every time
  • Have I missed anything

Over many years of thinking the same thing, I started to think about what I needed and how the documents should flow.  Once I sold my business I could really concentrate my time and energies into perfecting these documents.

8 Templates Included – including Engagement letter, New client information form, Set of Quotation forms, Client Manual.


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Product Description

It’s not rocket science – we capture the same information every time we meet a new client.  We ask the same questions, we enter that information into our database, and client manuals.

So I have designed forms that not only capture all the information we need and in a flow that follows a sequence to maximise efficiencies and reduces confusion and duplication.

If we can scope a job consistently and completely the first time then we can streamline and automate our processes.

These 8 documents can be customised for your business and include

  • Engagement Letter
  • Engagement Letter – Service Requirements
  • New Client Information Form – Client Use
  • New Client Information Form – Office Use
  • Quotation Bookkeeping and Software Set up
  • Quotation Software Set up – Conversion
  • Tasks to be done
  • Client Manual (3 page)

Stop reinventing the wheel and work smarter.

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