Is fear keeping you from moving forward in your bookkeeping business?

Fear of failure keeps you from venturing out of your comfort zone and really push for growth.

Fear of missing out finds you spending all your time reading articles, signing up for 1001 different business mastermind courses that are not specific or relevant to your bookkeeping business at all, and waking up at 3am to join webinars on manifesting your dreams instead of actually hunkering down to DO the work you need to move forward.

Fear of growth keeps you in a constant state of doubt, unsure if you have what it takes to take on more clients, explore new opportunities, outsource, hire, or make important changes within your business.

Fear is one of those things… we all have them, don’t we? And it’s not all bad. Some of the top athletes in the world will freely admit that they have fears too. But what differentiates them from their competitors is their ability to harness that fear, and use it to help them focus. And you can too!

Step 1: Identify your fears

The best way to do this is to find a non-judgmental ear who’d listen to you without criticism. Preferably someone who you can let go of inhibitions and be 100% truthful to. Some people might find that their partners is the best person to go to. Whilst others feel more comfortable being 100% open to someone not personally connected to them, such as a coach or mentor.

So you find that person, talk to them, let them question you, and most importantly, be honest. Talk about what you are doing with your business right this very second. Where you want to be. Whether you think you can get there. Why? Why not?

Or, some people find that this is more of a personal activity – then a diary or journal works too! Spend some time writing down your thoughts each day, revisit them every week, and “listen” to yourself from the outside. You’ll be surprised and how much you can learn about yourself!

Step 2: Now focus!

You know what your fears are right now. Great! Now use them to help you focus. Overcoming each of these fears require hard work and determination. Pick your biggest fear and think about what triggers it. Brainstorm for ideas about what you can do to eliminate those triggers and fears. If you are afraid of moving out of your home office because of the fear of failure, perhaps that fear is triggered by poor cash flow within your business, so you are worried about having to pay rent whilst not having enough cash. That’s the first step! Now you need to focus on figuring out how you can improve your cash flow to ensure that you no longer have to worry about that and can actually go ahead and move into an actual office space!

Step 3: Just do it

Borrowing from Nike’s famous tagline, JUST DO IT. Whatever ideas and solutions you come up with, do it. Don’t put it off, don’t wait for the right time, don’t wait and see, don’t procrastinate. Nothing gets done until you actually move your feet and get it done! Find an accountability partner if you have to; promise yourself a holiday or a nice bonus – whatever motivates you to DO.

That’s it! I was tempted to say “it’s easy as 1-2-3” but I’d be lying. Your fears are real and they can be tough to deal with. Your goals are to take baby steps – don’t let it cripple you, don’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams, and don’t let it be your excuse to stop trying.

In my book Grow Profit Exit, I told my own story about how I overcame my own doubts and fears to finally take the long-overdue step of moving out of my home office and growing my business purposefully. The rest, as they say, is history! I haven’t looked back since, and hope you do the same.


Katrina Aarsman (BAcc) built a successful bookkeeping business over 15 years and sold in 2015. She now focuses her energies in helping other business owners grow their bookkeeping business with an emphasis on automation. Katrina offers customised mentoring programs, strategy sessions, and webinars. She would love to connect with bookkeepers with a desire to grow.

m: 0414 823 862