The best way forward is to review your past. What has worked and more importantly what has not worked?

Look at your business holistically

Do you have a clear Vision and are you able to communicate it?

Are you engaging with your Ideal clients -do you know who they are?

Have you got the right staff working on the right jobs?

Do you know you are profitable?

Can you rely on your systems and processes?

Would your business survive without you for more than a few days?

It is critical to get all the elements of your business working efficiently alongside each other to ensure your business will reach its potential.

Say for instance you only attract wonderful clients that pay and appreciate you. You might even have highly skilled staff doing the grunt work. Your margins just won’t secure a profitable and sustainable business with these.

  • Can’t find loyal and enthusiastic staff? Maybe you are not communicating your business’ purpose or vision clearly or not clear on who you need.
  • Does every small detail about your clients in your head? Then there is little ability for you to scale -or work efficiently. Especially if you are having to recall the same information every month or BAS time.
  • Look at how you and your business has performed over the past 12 months. Do you realise that there is room for improvement and can identify those areas? Then you need to plan for those improvements moving into 2019.

What can you improve on? What will you change?

Nothing will change if you don’t make some small step towards that change.

I would love to hear from you –so hit reply and tell me what you intend to change moving into 2019.

As a gift to you I will be running a Business Planning webinar in January 2019 to work on your business plan to ensure you do make a difference in 2019.

Date January 22nd 2019 @ 2.00pm AEDT

Register here to be reminded of the event and add it to your calendar.

Spending time on your business is Important and something you Must allocate time to do.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2019!

To your business success.