Are you one of those fortunate enough to attend the ABN Conference recently at the Gold Coast? And then saw Amanda Gore liven up the stage - wasn’t she inspiring? What an amazing motivational speaker. I absolutely loved it!!

One of the many things I took from her presentation was the concept around Thinking. It is something that I have in my toolbox as a mentor. And have in fact been mentored on this area for my own negative talk. We all have them.

Each of us have thousands of thoughts per day. And for those that I have worked with have heard me go on about the fact that your thoughts are not reality - they are only a thought. You might be feeling down, depressed, critical of yourself or experiencing low motivation. It's all because of the thoughts you are having - feelings come from thoughts. 

​You know the thoughts we all have from time to time

  • We are not good enough 
  • caret-right
    No-one will pay us that amount of money 
  • caret-right
    We do not deserve more than the value we place on our own time 
  • caret-right
    Others are doing it so much better – how are they doing it? 
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    I don’t know enough to charge for that 
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    Why is their business doing so much better than mine? 
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    Their life looks so much more fun, complete, satisfying, exciting (replace with your own word) 

Well from the words of Amanda Gore (yelled at her audience) – STOP IT!!

How simple is that? Every time you experience negative and depressing thoughts that bring you down, just STOP IT!!

My training and experience tell me that when we stop a negative thought the negative feeling will also stop. Try to force yourself to think of something positive or distract yourself or just yell at yourself STOP IT!! Whatever works for you to stop the initial negative thought. Which then allows another thought to take its place. I then stops the negative feelings because your next thought may have been what’s for tea.

I can guarantee you will not be able to see or think clearly if you are obsessed with your negative thoughts. However, I can equally guarantee this. That you will find solutions and think rationally once you stop the momentum of a negative feeling. I urge you to add to your Mindset Toolbox the STOP IT option. To be brought out before that spiralling feeling of doom. Recognise in advance your thoughts and change their trajectory.

So, I would like to see us all support each other by yelling STOP IT each time we express a negative self-deprecating thought. Because we are all awesome.

But if you just need that extra bit of support or help turning those negative thoughts around then book a call with myself.