There are some common hacks that you can perform to build confidence in the way you run your business and can trickle over into all areas of your life.

One of my favorite habits was something I had read many thought leaders engage in and I love the idea

Spend the first hour of the day engaging in activities on personal development

  • Reading, listening or watching personal development content
  • Journaling about things such as gratefulness, how you see yourself in 3 or 5 years
  • Meditation or inner reflection

If you can create daily rituals or habits this will help in so many ways

  • build your confidence and self-awareness
  • create consistency of positive thoughts
  • feel more organized or accomplished
  • have more energy and get more done

Other ways to feel more confident when addressing prospects is

1. Be prepared

  • bring along forms and information that you need in the interview (including several questions to ask the business owner)
  • do some research about the business so you can ask some pertinent questions and appear proactive
  • be ready with some objections so you can address them straight away

2. First impressions

  • look the part–professional but bring your individual style
  • be on time–appear punctual, organized and efficient
  • avoid appearing too busy or stressed

3. Speak with confidence

  • you know your stuff so wow them with your ability
  • be confident in your comfort zone and have a can do response if moving outside of that zone
  • know that others love what you do so share that love

Lastly practice makes perfect

Your sales technique does not have to be polished or perfect. But it does have to be YOU. So have fun with and when you share value and your knowledge they will feel safe and trust you.

If you do need some help in this area, book a complimentary chat with me to see how I can assist.