Last week I wrote about how I got started creating my systems, read HERE and offered a free 2 page simple Client Manual.

This week I am going to discuss the next document towards systemisation and automation.

The Client Checklist.

When I first started these checklists or To Do Lists were in my head. I was doing the work each week or month and knew exactly what I had to do and when. But this didn’t allow for my business to grow and engage contractors or staff.

A checklist isn’t just making a list of things to do, it is also a way of ensuring the bookkeeper doing the work is aware of what is expected of them. Imagine asking a bookkeeper to go to a client with no knowledge of what they need to do. They don’t know what bank accounts need reconciling, even how many bank accounts there are, do they need to review AR & AP. You might expect them to, but they didn’t realise that was part of the job description for that client because they didn’t have to do it for the previous client.

Without specific checklists, a bookkeeper may assume a lot or assume nothing. Make it clear to avoid inefficiencies, incorrectness, wasted time, stress of not knowing what to do upfront and avoid conflict between you, your staff and your client. Your staff will appreciate knowing the boundaries of work expected and even the time to do such tasks.

Over the years I created checklists and trialled softwares and settled with WorkflowMax which is now Xero Practice Manager. This software gave me the tools to systemise and automate my business like no other software I used.

If you would like two sample checklists, Download HERE and another HERE.

XPM is also a great tool to assist bookkeepers and I run Webinars and Workshops to train bookkeepers in setting it up correctly.

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Katrina Aarsman (BAcc) built a successful bookkeeping business over 15 years and sold in 2015. She now focuses her energies in helping other business owners grow their bookkeeping business with an emphasis on automation. Katrina offers customised mentoring programs, strategy sessions and webinars. She would love to connect with bookkeepers with a desire to grow.

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