The Bookkeeping Business Mastery outlines the exact process you can follow to create a profitable, automated, and scalable bookkeeping business with easy to follow lesson structures.


By joining The Bookkeeping Business Mastery:

  • you will have access to on-going support from the team at Bookkeepers HQ, including fortnightly live webinars with Katrina
  • you will have 12 months access to Katrina’s training portal comprising of 10 modules, each focused on supporting and equipping bookkeeping business owners to build their own profitable, scalable business
  • you will have access to tried and tested systems that have been developed by a bookkeeper for a bookkeeper
  • you will have access to all the resources and training to build your own bookkeeping business the right way in the least amount of time
  • you will get easy to follow simple training videos and downloadable PDF checklists, templates and worksheets to fast track your business success

Bookkeeping Business Mastery will cover topics such as:

  • Vision & Clarity - uncover why you are in business and what you want to achieve over the next 5 years
  • Planning & Goal Setting - create actions steps to fast track your business goals
  • Mindset & Leadership - be an effective leader and lead a highly engaged team
  • Marketing for Growth - review your marketing strategy and position yourself for growth
  • Raving Fans - identify and attract the clients that you love to work with
  • Passionate Staff - engage the right staff, at the right time and measure their productivity
  • Let's get Systemised - become more productive by having the right systems in your business
  • Automating Workflow - maximising the use of automation to reduce your non-chargeable time 
  • Maximise Profits - know what to measure so you get consistent positive returns for your business
  • Exit Strategy – maximise the value of your business so you get to choose when you exit

The Bookkeeping Business Mastery program also includes fortnightly group “implementation calls” for all members, where you have access to Katrina for an hour a fortnight to answer any business growth issues or concerns based on her knowledge of the industry and her experience.

All Bookkeeping Business Mastery members also gain immediate lifetime access to the private BBM Facebook group where you can support each other through the process.  

Regardless of whether you’ve just started out in your business or are ready to take a mature business to the next level, The Bookkeeping Business Mastery will equip and empower you to automate your business, sky-rocket your revenue and create the business you choose!

We are currently extending an exclusive offer to become a member of        
The Bookkeeping Business Mastery.

We are offering this program for $1,497. This opportunity is available to pro-active bookkeepers wanting to fast track their success and work closely with Katrina.

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Jo Willis Being Accountable
With my fees reviewed, HR under control, Xero Tax close to being set up and my workload under her microscope, I am starting to see that the light at the end of the tunnel is not an oncoming train. I cannot recommend Katrina highly enough, it was the best decision I have made this year.
Carmen Morris On The Money Bookkeeping

My business was going pretty well, but I really wanted some input from someone who had been there and done that. I was after someone who could point out things I didn’t know that I didn’t know, to help me look at things from a different angle and to step back from the business, evaluate it critically and think strategically on a more regular and consistent basis.

Katrina seemed like a logical choice as she had built a very similar business to mine, but to a more successful level.

Katrina has also helped me work through difficult or challenging situations that have popped up, and it feels great to have someone that I can bounce things off. We’ve looked at some goals and strategies to reach those goals. It’s been a good decision to have Katrina supporting my business.

Jacqui Cubis About Business Books

Before I started working with Katrina I was in a muddle - knowing what needed to be done, but not sure how to get there. Katrina helped to put me on a path that specifically suited my needs for my own business. Having your own business can be isolating, so I found it invaluable to work with someone who knows your business and can move you towards your goals with direction and support.


Katrina is a published author of Grow Profit Exit and recently awarded a fellowship with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

If you want to get exclusive access to Katrina's exact process on how she created a profitable and scalable bookkeeping business you don't want to miss out on this opportunity.

We are offering this program for  $1,497.  This opportunity is available to pro-active bookkeepers wanting to fast track their success and work closely with Katrina.

At Bookkeepers HQ we are inspired by bookkeeping business owners just like you wanting to make a difference in the lives of their clients by creating the best supportive business you can be.

It starts with YOU.