I would like to challenge you and ask you: Are you really the Master of your Business?

Do you know where you are taking your business? Or are your clients, and possibly staff, leading you?

Do you find time to work on your business –planning, creating systems, finding ways to replace you as the technician?

Are you totally in control and rarely feel overwhelmed or doubting yourself?

Do you feel you can separate yourself from your business and make those hard decisions?

When I was building my business,I answered No to each of these questions. It wasn’t until I asked for help from someone outside of my business to:

  • give me direction 
  • caret-right
    help make some hard decisions 
  • caret-right
    just to identify what I needed (and after a while what I wanted) for my business 
  • caret-right
    setup my business in a healthy manner

To be a Master of your own Business requires a change in mindset. Imagine being in control, saying No to people, and work, that does not meet your criteria.

Imagine knowing what your criteria is.Imagine a business that you love, rewards you for your time and effort, satisfies your needs and one of which you are extremely proud.

To be a Master of your business you need to:

Know your why and purpose for existing

Everything is so much clearer if you know Why you are in business –if things don’t go to plan it is easier to shake it off when you know your big picture.

What is your business’ purpose-what is your vision? Knowing your vision will allow you to communicate with your clients why they should choose your business. It helps clarify your point of difference and keep you stronger to what you stand for.

Plan for the future of your business –whether in growth or sustainability

Success does not often happen by default –you need to work at it, recognise what you need to do, plan for it and lead the actions to make it happen.

Find a way to keep yourself accountable

It is difficult to achieve your desired success if you don’t have a way to measure and push yourself to achieve your goals. Find an accountability buddy. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals. Ticking off your goals and actions is the only way to create change and ultimate success. It won’t happen if you do not make it happen. It is up to you.

Mindset and your thoughts

Work on your personal development. Change the way you see yourself. This concept is not easy or quick. It evolves over time so do not expect your thinking to change with one webinar –you need to  work on this constantly. Your mind is indeed a muscle so needs consistent work to change –just like your tight hamstrings!

Find a Trusted Advisor

You can’t do this yourself –you need a buddy or even better an experienced coach or mentor. Find someone that works in this area to assist you. Your council may offer coaching sessions or feel free to contact me to see how I can assist you.

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Have an awesome week.