People who shine in their fields tend to have these habits. Do you?

Productivity Habit #1

You know how people who shine in their fields actually accomplish things while we are scrolling through Facebook while we should be working?

Tip #1 – Make a conscious choice about how you are using your time.

There are only 3 ways to spend time: thoughts, conversation, and actions. Even when you don’t think you’re doing anything, you are still spending time.

Track your activities for a few days using a simple diary or time tracker and you might get tired enough of seeing the entry “Checking FB newsfeed” pop up waaaay too many times to actually want to turn it off. Give it a go!

Productivity Habit #2

Tip #2 for actually getting valuable work done – Plan out your hours.

We work best when we are not constantly in “triage mode” where emergencies pop up and we have to make executive decisions then and there to deal with it.

Decide what works best for you. You could have a 30-min planning session each week that breaks down all the projects you have on hand and the tasks that are at hand, plus how much time each will take and when they should be executed. Or perhaps smaller 10 min planning sessions each morning work best for you.

Bottom line: PLANNING helps you prioritise and focus on what needs to be done.

Productivity Habit #3

Tip #3 for getting things done when you planned to – Be accountable.

Set yourself easily attainable mini-tasks and set deadlines for each of these. And make sure you are held accountable for them.

Some people have accountability partners. Some people use public platforms such as Stickk for that external motivation and extra push.

What keeps YOU accountable?

Productivity Habit #4

Tip #4 to be truly productive at work – Emails and meetings are not really the work you should be wasting your productive hours on.

Most of us knowledge workers spend WAY too much time answering emails, sending emails, and being stuck in pointless meetings. Schedule email check-in times a few times a day for a fixed amount of time and stick to it. Turn on desktop notifications and make sure your clients/co-workers/boss knows that you are prioritising actual work over wading through your email inbox every 10 minutes. Let them know that if it’s REALLY urgent, call you. If it’s not, you’ll get to their emails within X hours.

As for meetings, think of it this way – what is going to change in your world by the end of that meeting?



Cancel it.

Meetings are not necessary to check that everyone’s doing their job.

Productivity Habit #5

Tip #5 to become good at what you do – practice.

Practice your craft the way a musician or an athlete would do. Get constant feedback every step of the way from a mentor or a co-worker who knows their stuff.

Don’t wait till the end of year performance review!

Productivity Habit #6

Tip #6 to succeed in what you are doing is to create career capital.

According to author Laura Vanderkam (, this is the sum total of your experiences, your knowledge, your skills, your relationships — and all these things enable you to get a new job if you need one, create new situations for yourself or other people, or even let you take a break without having it ruin your career.

Like a savings account, you have to pay into it.

You have to improve your skills and/or adopt new ones.

You need to build a portfolio of everything you CAN do.

You need to build up a network of people who are loyal to you and who support you, no matter if you’re flying high in your career or down in the dumps at the moment.

Productivity Habit #7

Tip #7 for your career success is to lean into the pursuit for pleasure.

Not all of us find true joy in our day to day jobs. But the best of us seek out pleasurable elements of our work and expand them.

We create opportunities to do more of the stuff we find pleasure in, and less of the stuff that drains us of our joy.

Joy and pleasure also comes from progress – in fact, the feelings of true progress made is more effective in eliciting feelings of pleasure than encouragement or praises from our bosses.

One way to achieve this is to figure out which parts of your job is the most measurable and gives you the greatest sense of accomplishment.

Then all you got to do is focus on that!


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