As bookkeepers, we are all knee-deep in work for our clients at the moment. But let’s not forget that self-care is NOT a luxury. It is a necessity, almost a part of the job because a healthy and positive connection with ourselves keeps our efficiency and productivity in tip-top shape.


So here’s self-care tip #1 – cut yourself a break.

You and I, to be good bookkeepers, probably have typical Type A perfectionist personalities.

Which is great for the job! But often not so great for our physical and mental health.

If you find yourself stuck in periods of rumination and self-doubt, it’s time to shut that internal critic up. We are often our own harshest critics so try this… ask yourself: “If it was a colleague in the same position, what would I say to them?”


Self-care tip #2 – Value your own time, money, and resources.

We’ve all been brought up (well, most of us anyway) to care about others more than ourselves, even if it means self-sacrifice. And while that makes us good people, sometimes we have to prioritise ourselves.

Think about a regular workday – how often do people interrupt your work to ask you for your time, money, or your resources, thus distracting us from our more pressing priorities? How often do you set your priorities aside for others?

Try creating a short list of 3 important things you want to achieve, first thing in the morning before you start work. When someone comes to you for something, ignore the impulse to say YES to everything and evaluate how it will affect your ability to honour your own priorities.

If you run your own bookkeeping business, honour the value, impact, and contribution you bring to your clients and ignore the urge to lower your fees or offer more for less.

Self-care tip #3 – celebrate small victories.

How much do you remember of your achievements from last week?

Last month?

Most of us are so focused on the here and now, that before the dust settles on one achievement, we are hunkered down and moved on to the next thing.

What that leads to, is burn-out and that overwhelming feeling of Groundhog Day and not really sure what you are working so hard for anymore.

Write it down, debrief with your team, and make an effort to stay connected to your passions and contributions.

Self-care tip #4 – Surround yourself with good people.

Self-care is also about having healthy and supportive relationships so you know, in your mind, that whatever happens at work, you have someone to count on.

Who feeds your energy? Who drains it? Who really knows the meaning of a healthy give and take relationship?

Invest in the ones that matter by taking time out of your busy day to call them or send them a text message. Make sure you made time outside of work hours to connect with them.

Self-care tip #5 – give your workspace a facelift.

Whether you believe in the concept of Fengshui or not, it’s no secret that our environment and workspace can really affect our productivity. Clearing your desk can give you mental clarity. Hanging up inspiring photos, pictures or artwork can renew your motivation.

Make sure your workspace reflects the best of you, so even when you don’t feel like your best, you can see the best of yourself reflected back at you.

Self-care tip #6 – one last one! This one, we all know, but still we need reminding regularly.

3 Rs: Recharge. Restore. Reboot.

Allow yourself time to recharge in the middle of a long and draining day, even if it’s just 5 minutes to walk outside or tickle your kids.

Designate a restoration day in the middle of the week to go to bed an hour or two earlier so you can keep fighting the good fight for the rest of the week.

Allow yourself to fully shut down and reboot each weekend.

Start today!

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